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3rd Rangers on Boltcatch Magazine Issue 9

Willkommen bei den "Iron Eagles" des 3rd Ranger Airsoft Battalion!


 "Rangers lead the way"

The Molvania Conflict goes into second round. And Rangers with it. Again we were invited for the RedFor MilSim Event in Slovenia. And it was the best game of the 2009 Season. A very good Organisation and some great Mission Objectives made it a realistic 48 hours Combatsimulation. Especially when rain covered our noise and dark night our movement. IR Lasers and Night Vision Devices did the rest. This Conditions made it possible to take out some enemys without firing a single shot ;-)

During Operation Plan Wahlen, 3rd Battalion had their first appearance as a Private Military Contractor for Harter Hoff Security (established in 2009 by James Harter and David Hoff). As Crew of the meanwhile legendary Battlepinzi, we gave support for the infantry to take possession of the steep and dusty 100m high Plan Wahlen Hill somewhere in a huge gravelpit, somewhere in the middle of Switzerland. At this Opportunity we would like to thank Harter Hoff Security for choosing us for this Mission. And by the way, we are still waiting for our payment ;-)

The last equipment delivery of our supplier EntryGear arrived at the Rangers HQ. Now, finally after more than a year, our gear is complete and ready for combat. We are looking forward to the next game which is taking place at the gravelpit of the ASVU.

3rd Ranger Bat. started their new season with a MILpictures Photoshooting by Tom Weber. Some great locations and the beautiful weather made it possible to took some fantastic pics.

3rd Rangers joined the U.S. Special Forces Group under the command of C.I.A. in the desert of Kambodschistan during Operation Bloodmoney. The hot weather and a well armed enemy made it hard for 3rd Bat. which gets supported by ODA 523. On this opportunity we would like to thank Operational Division Alpha 523 for the great Teamwork on and off the Battlefield.

Althoug it was a Top Secret Mission, CNN was able to take a photo of Coalition Forces on a checkpoint near Logatec/Slovenija during Operation RedFor where Rangers of the 3rd Bat. and British Desert Rats supported EU Forces. Also during a "Search & Destroy" night Patrol, the Team had no problems with the enemy because of the technical advantage.

3rd Batallion did their first Training in the Gravelpit near Hohenems during the 2nd ASVV Schottergrubenspiel

75th Reg/3rd Bat. HQ, Fort Benning
A new Company was established under the name „Iron Eagles“.

3rd Ranger Bat.
Public Affairs Division
Fort Benning, GA

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Iron Eagles - Fighting while Desert Rats are cooking ;-)


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